Never be left out in the cold. At Bark River Tree Service we always have firewood available!

Our firewood is available in mixed hardwood, (Ash, Hickory, Cherry, and Oak) and is seasoned and ready to burn. It is important to know what you are buying when ordering. Different woods have different qualities. Oak creates a lasting fire and splits easily. But oak may be expensive and other woods may work just as well. Some woods are less dense and have different splitting and coaling qualities.

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Firewood Species Comparison


(1)Firewood Species Comparison

(2)Firewood at Bark River mixed hardwoods

FREE Delivery within delivery zone. We deliver firewood year-round and we encourage customers to ORDER EARLY. Please be sure that what you order is what you want. ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS.


Quantities Available

Face Cord 4′ X 8′
1/2 Cord 4′ X 12′
Full Cord 4′ X 24′
2 Face Cord 4′ X 16′

Kindling Bundles available upon request @ 4.00 ea.

So, what is a cord?

A cord is a measurement of wood that when neatly, yet loosely, stacked and rowed equals 128 cubic feet. This stack measures 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long or its equivalent (which means stack it neatly any way you like as long as it equals 128 cubic feet).

The reason for loosely stacking is to prevent molding and promote the constant process of drying.


TIP FOR OPTIMAL FIREWOOD BURNING: The more moisture in your wood, the less heat you will get from it. It takes energy to burn the water out of wood (it may make a hissing sound). This is energy that should be used in warming your house. This is why it pays to get dry wood.

Some indicators of dry wood:

  • Color – look for grayness
  • Bark – a sure sign that firewood is dry is bark that is falling off the wood
  • Check – as wood dries it will begin to split on the ends
  • Touch – fresh cut wood may feel wet on the end
(4)Firewood Tips

Chunk Wood and Logs for Sale

Great for outdoor wood burners, and indoor use too.

chunk-firewood pine-logs logs
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