Lot and Land Clearing


(1) FeconBark River Tree Service is a land clearing and grubbing, site preparation contractor that has the ability to work year round throughout southeastern Wisconsin on projects ranging from road and highway construction to residential, commercial and subdivision development.

Complementing our professional, expert residential staff, Bark River Tree Service has one of the area’s most impressive inventory of trucks and equipment for lot and land clearing and wood recycling.

Lot and land clearing services include tree and brush removal, underbrushing for wood lots, and invasive species control. Bark River Tree Service clears lots for new home construction and land for developers making way for roads, cul de sacs, subdivisions, apartments and condominiums, commercial buildings, and business parks. We also cater to municipalities.

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Lot Clearing

(3)Oak Firewood Bundle
BEFORE: Site for new home construction. DURING: Brush is removed with Fecon Brush Hog on Rubber Track Machine. (Only 2.5 Hours)
AFTER: Trees and debris removed. Approximately 1.5 Acres. (1 Day Start to Finish)



(5) (6)
BEFORE: Site for new home construction. AFTER: All trees, brush, and stumps removed.
(3.5 Hours)




Land Clearing

(7) (8)
BEFORE: Remove 1/2 mile of old farm fenceline. AFTER: Removed all trees and stumps for Developer to build subdivision in Johnson Creek.



(9) (10)
BEFORE: Area to clear for road for Developer at Mission Woods Subdivision. DURING: Underbrush is removed with Fecon Brush Hog.
(11) (12)
AFTER: All trees and stumps are removed. AFTER: Road and cul de sac are completed.



(13) (14)
BEFORE: Clearing for large building site. DURING: After brushing.
AFTER: All trees, stumps, and debris
removed. (1 Day Start to Finish)



(16) (17)
DURING: Clearing 66 ft roadway for Siepmann Development. Removed all trees, brush, and stumps. Saw logs salvaged. AFTER: Road and cul de sac finished.
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