Tree Removal

Bark River Tree Service has the experience and the equipment to remove any tree from any location, big or small, hazardous or not! We welcome a challenge.

Tree removal can be a necessary part of a sound landscape management program. Removal is normally thought of as the last resort, but many trees must be removed for safety and to make way for younger healthier plants.

Before any live tree is removed for safety issues, the tree should be evaluated by a professional in the field. Not all tree services are experts in hazardous tree evaluation. A Certified Arborist uses many different techniques to determine possible tree failure. Don’t lose your trees due to false information from a non-certified tree removal company! Consult with Bark River Tree Service, a certified arborist.


Hazardous Tree Removal

The staff at Bark River Tree Service are experts in the safe removal of large and hazardous trees. When a tree is deemed hazardous and there is no other solution, our staff will perform a clean and efficient surgical removal of any tree from your property. All aspects of removal detail will be discussed prior to the job so that you and your neighbors will know exactly what to expect when the tree is removed.

(4)Storm Damage (5)Crane Assisted Tree Removal
Storm damage requiring tree removal. Crane used to prevent further damage to home during removal of tree.
(6)Storm Damage Tree Removal (7)Tree Removal Update
Cranes are also used for hard-to-access areas. All logs and brush from the tree is removed from the property and recycled or disposed of properly.


(8)Storm Damage (9)Storm Damage Tree Removal
Another example of storm damage requiring tree removal services.


Dead Tree Removal

(10)Dead Tree Removal
Dead trees, big or small, near homes or any obstacle, is one of our many specialties.


Stump Grinding and Removal

Many customers need only to remove a tree to the ground, but in other cases, the area may be in need of landscaping, in which a stump should not be a part. In addition to Tree Removal, Bark River Tree Service also offers Stump Removal services. We will grind out all visible portions of the stump nearly a foot below grade. This will allow for a deep bed of new top soil and the ability to install a variety of new plants.

(11)Stump Grinding
Any size stump, in any location, can be ground with our top-of-the-line equipment.


Invasive Species

(12)Obstructed Lake View (13)Removal of Invasive Species
Obstructed lake view. Removal of invasive species.
(14)Lake View After Invasive Species Removed
Lake view after invasive species removed.


(15)Invasive Species (16)After Removal of Invasive Species
Invasive species. Healthy trees after invasive species removed.


(17)Bark River Invasive before (18)Bark River Tree romve invasive done
This Customer reclaimed over a Half an Acre of land once we removed all the invasive species.


(19)Dramatic Example of Invasive Species (20)Nearing Completion of Invasive Species Removal
Dramatic example of invasive species. Nearing completion of invasive species removal.


(21) (22)
Invasive species. Invasive species removed.


Wood Disposal

Diseased wood including oak, elm, and ash will be disposed of properly by Bark River Tree Service to help prevent the diseased wood from spreading in the area. In cases where tree removal yields healthy wood, Bark River Tree Service will recycle the wood into mulch, wood chips, and firewood.

(23)Wood Disposal (24)Wood Disposal and Recycling
Disposing of wood. Bark River has the right equipment for removal of any size log from any property.
(25)Wood Disposal
Most of the wood yielded from tree removal is recycled into mulch, wood chips, and firewood.
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